Busy, busy, busy…aren’t you?
A million things to do and not enough time to do them?
Longing for the day that things get back to normal and this turmoil you are living is over?
Guess what? It won’t. Sorry.
Nobody will give you more time to realise the things you want to or have to realise.
Nobody will give you more time to think things through.
Nobody will give you more time to enjoy life.
And thinking that better time management and planning will help you, really is an illusion.

The only solution is: MANAGE YOUR ENERGY!

It really is entirely up to you and you alone to optimize your energy level, so that you can maximise your performance and get the most things done in the time you have. In a sustainable way. And enjoy life in the process.

Managing your energy in an active way should be your daily concern.

Now energy is a complex system and there are really a million things you can do to manage your energy. Here are 5 concrete tips you can start with:

  1. Go over your recurring daily activities and write down your 3 most important energy zappers – jobs or activities you really dislike and that draw your energy. Then be creative and brainstorm: can you stop doing them? Can you delegate? Can you pay someone else to do them? Can you do them in another way or add something to make them more energizing? Then put your best ideas into action!
  1. Prioritize the activities and tasks that you like, the ones that give you energy. Spend more time on them. Plan them carefully and make them your most important tasks of the day.
  1. Plan and take regular breaks. Small breaks during the day where you consciously do something to relax body or mind. Bigger moments in the evening or weekend where you rest or fully reenergise. Make sure you are really in the moment during these moments. They are crucial to recharge and to keep a sustained energy level. Your brain needs breaks to perform at top level. As paradoxical as it may seem, with more breaks you will get more done.
  1. Lower the bar. You probably have a long list of “have to’s” in your head. A pile of things to do for work or at home. What are the “have to’s” that are really important? That really make a difference? Keep those and eliminate the rest. Oh, but your whole list is super important?! Which “have to’s” would you keep if this was the last month of your life? Hope you get the message. Lower the bar for yourself, enjoy and be proud of what you have already accomplished.
  1. Finally, get enough sleep. You can implement the most sophisticated strategies on energy management, if your basics are not okay, these strategies won’t make a difference. Enough and quality sleep is crucial and the basis for everything. It is during sleep that your mitochondria, the energy factories of your body, restore and regenerate. Without proper sleep, energy is simply not possible. You know it. Just do it.